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We are Ektrum. A team of experts focused on developing solutions in wireless connectivity. Our work ranges from consulting and mapping scenarios to developing intelligent solutions, for your business to become more productive, safe, modern, and integrated.

Tackling challenges is our daily routine. Each client has specific needs, and this could well be the case for your brand. If you need consistent solutions to integrate your operations using wireless connections, with planning, and keeping up with a solid schedule throughout the whole execution, we are the company for you. Welcome aboard!

Our team is formed by multidisciplinary staff of researchers and developers specialized in wireless communications systems, having knowledge in developing communication protocols, optimizing networks, and prototyping and developing expert systems. We are qualified professionals, with wide market experience in the technological and strategic areas. We work integrated with your team and aligned to the needs of your business.

Your requirement is our leading north. We perform a study of the technology that the client needs, and present potential solutions in wireless connectivity for your business. From that moment on, we will decide together the best approach according to your needs. Our work follows international levels of performance.

why hire us?

when to hire us?

when to hire us?

Having a good wireless connectivity system is the first step to begin yielding significant results in your business.

If this is already the main activity of your company, having expert support in this area is also key. For this, it is essential to count on advanced technology experts to do this consistently. If you need efficient solutions in your wireless technology project, come talk to us.

Our staff will assess the most intelligent solution to integrate your business in a productive, safe, and innovative manner.



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SHN Qd. 1, Conj. A, Bl. A, Sala 321
Ed. Le Quartier
Brasília, DF - Brazil



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